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AUTHENTIC SOUNDS. COMPLETE VERSATILITY. THE ZOOM B3n Intuitive Multi-Effects Processor for Bassists

The Zoom B3n lets you create your own original sound, no matter the kind of music you play. This bass pedal has countless amp, cabinet, and stompbox effects that you can use on stage or in the studio. Plus, its editing features are simple enough that you can tweak your sound even when you're on the road.

67 Built-In Stompbox Effects for Monster Tone

The B3n is pre-loaded with 67 high-quality stompbox DSP effects, including 19 dynamics and filter effects, 15 overdrive and distortion effects, 17 modulation effects, 11 delay and reverb effects and more.

Faithful Bass Amp and Cabinet Emulations

The B3n’s newly created emulations include five classic bass amps and five matching cabinets that have been modeled to sound and respond like the real thing. To adjust the sound of each model, simply use the B3n’s parameter knobs just as you would with analog gear. You can also download even more amp/cabinet combinations via ZOOM Guitar Lab software.



NOTE: Manufacturer names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with the Zoom Corporation or Zoom North America.

Create Custom Effects Chains

Chain up to seven effects, amps, and cabinets together simultaneously in any order you like to experiment with and create new sounds. You can also store up to 150 of your custom effects chains as patches.




FEATURED: Frank Bello (Anthrax), ZOOM Creator - B3n Patches


Master Your Sound

The B3n’s simple layout and controls make for
faster and more intuitive editing. Its
three independent LCD screens display your entire
effects chain at a glance, and its tactile knobs
and switches give you effortless control over
adding, editing, deleting, or changing the
order of effects.

FEATURED: Stu Hamm, ZOOM Creator - B3n Patches


Just Plug It In
and Play

There’s no complex setup with the B3n—just
plug in and start playing. Thanks to its 68
built-in rhythm patterns, the B3n is great for
both practice and solo performances. With the
onboard looper, you can record and overdub
phrases up to 80 seconds long, creating textured
layers of sounds using the effects of your choice. 

The looper, rhythm patterns, and delay effects
can all be synchronized using a tap tempo function.
And a built-in chromatic tuner lets you bypass the
currently selected patch while tuning, or mute
the signal altogether.











FEATURED: Eric Abert (The Life and Times),
ZOOM Creator - B3n Patches


Connect, Perform, and Record

It’s easy to integrate the B3n into any live performance or studio rig. In addition to a standard 1/4” input, there's an auxiliary 1/8” stereo input for connecting smartphones or music players. There’s also a dedicated headphone jack for practice, and dual outputs for mono or stereo L/R connection to bass amps, PA systems, and audio interfaces.  Add the ZOOM FP02M expression pedal via the dedicated control input for real-time control over effects parameters.

ZOOM Guitar Lab Software

Our free ZOOM Guitar Lab Mac/Windows software lets you to manage your patches and download new effects and amp/cabinet emulators via a USB connection to your B3n. It includes both a Patch Manager for effects chains and an Effects Manager, with a simple graphic user interface that provides point-and-click control over re-naming or re-ordering your custom patches.

Features At A Glance

  • 67 high-quality stompbox DSP effects
  • 5 amp emulators plus 5 cabinet emulators
  • Free ZOOM Guitar Lab Mac/Windows software allows
    for downloading of additional effects and patch management
  • Use up to 7 effects simultaneously, chained together
    in any order
  • 3 stompbox switches allow effects to instantly be
    brought in and out
  • Intuitive user interface with 3 independent editing displays
  • Onboard chromatic tuner with dedicated footswitch
    supports all standard bass tunings, including open and
    drop tunings (tuner range of 435 - 445 Hz)
  • Stereo/mono looper allows recording of up to 80 seconds
    of phrase recording
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns that can be used in
    conjunction with the looper
  • Tap Tempo with dedicated footswitch
  • Auxiliary stereo input jack for connection of smartphones
    and music players
  • Dual output jacks for connection to bass amps and
    mono or stereo PA systems
  • Dedicated stereo headphone output
  • Control input for ZOOM FP02M external expression pedal



Here's what comes included with the B3n:

  • Operation manual
  • Zoom AD-16 AC adapter

Optional B3n accessories:




FEATURED: Cory Osborne (Lightfoils, Panda Riot),
ZOOM Creator - B3n Patches




Eric Abert - Downloadable B3n Patches

Check out Eric Abert's new custom-created patches for the Zoom B3n Multi-Effects Pedal for Bassists. 

Stu Hamm - B3n Factory Patches

Check out Stu Hamm as he demos the all-new patches he created for the Zoom B3n Multi-Effects Pedal for Bassists.


Effect types:


Number of simultaneous effects :


Number of user banks/patches:


Sampling frequency:

44.1 kHz

A/D conversion:

24-bit with 128x oversampling

D/A conversion :

24-bit with 128x oversampling

Signal processing:


Frequency characteristics :

20 – 20 kHz +1 dB, -3 dB (10 kΩ load)


128 x 32 dot-matrix LCD (x3) 

Output R:

Standard monaural phone jack

Maximum output level:

Line +5 dBm*
(with output load impedance of 10 kΩ or more)


Standard stereo phone jack
(combined line/headphone) 

Maximum output level:

Line +5 dBm
(with output load impedance of 10 kΩ or more)
Headphones 15 mW + 15 mW (into 32 Ω load)

Equivalent input noise:

-119 dBu

Noise floor (residual noise) :

-100 dBu

Control input:

Zoom FP02M


AC adapter DC9V (center minus plug), 500 mA      
(ZOOM AD-16)




181 mm (D) X 234 mm (W) X 58 mm (H)
7.1 in (D) X 9.2 in (W) X 2.2 in (H)


1.28 kg / 2.8 lbs